Bird Grooming

Birds, like all pets, require some attention from their pet parents to keep them at their healthiest. At Happy Puppy Grooming Boutique, we are here to step in when needed to help keep their feathers shiny and healthy, their nails the right length and their beaks filed.

Beak filing

Beaks are used for small and large tasks, from preening their feathers to climbing around their cage. As you know bird’s beaks overtime will grow and become rough and irregular, in order to enjoy everyday activities, it is vital for beak filing for it to stay healthy and to function properly.


Bathing encourages births to preen or groom their feathers independently otherwise their skin will become dry and itchy leading to plucking.

Our experienced team are compatible with any breed of bird and will provide the love and care throughout the full procedure.

A basic bird grooming service includes nail clipping, beak filing, a wash and blow-dry.